Patch for Nested Twitter Replies (original code written by @pratham, 27 Aug ’10)

I wrote patch code for Nested Twitter Replies (original code written by @pratham, 27 Aug ’10) for Greasemonkey.

This patch has 3 additional function.

  • Internationalization (English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German)
  • Display URI of tweet status as Reply
  • Display Reply (and URI of tweet status) of single tweet status

Text for the patch is below. You need to save your Nested Twitter Replies as UTF-8.

--- /original/nested_twitter_replies.user.js Sat Oct 02 19:10:33 2010
+++ /mypatch/nested_twitter_replies.user.js Mon Sep 20 11:03:23 2010
@@ -13,13 +13,32 @@
count : 0,
change : false,

+ // i18n for twitter
+ check_in_reply_to : function (string) {
+ var in_reply_to_string = new Array('in reply to', '宛', 'in risposta a', 'en respuesta a', 'en réponse à', 'als Antwort auf'); // 'in reply to' string in English, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German
+ for(var i=0; i

Why I wrote this patch file?

I love Nested Twitter Replies.
It is very easy to read conversation using Reply.
So this script makes Twitter web fantastic.

And I post response tweet as "my tweet QT @[tweet user] [URI of tweet status]".
This tweet is similar to "my tweet QT @[tweet user] [URI of tweet status]", but we can quote long tweet.

So I want to use advanced Nested Twitter Replies in Japanese language.

Thank you.

[update: 2 Oct '10 22:53] fix mistakes of patch file

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